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Democracy Café
A Fresh Taste of Philosophy and Politics
Category: Philosophy
Location: SocratesCafe.com
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I'm the founder of Socrates Cafe -- see SocratesCafe.com -- and a noted author (Socrates Cafe: A Fresh Taste of Philosophy, The...

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April 29, 2017 10:27 AM PDT

Jeff Sandefer shakes things up, in the best sense. The Harvard Business School graduate, Socratic Method maestro, and Austin-based entrepreneurial wunderkind is front and center in the effort to reinvent the way we go about educating one another.

Co-founder of the pioneering Acton School of Business (www.ActonMBA.org), and of Acton Academy (www.ActonAcademy.org), Jeff is revolutionizing the way we go about teaching and learning from young people. His groundbreaking paradigm enables learners to take a "hero's journey" that potentially transforms their world, and ours.

Listen in as Jeff shares his singular philosophy -- and then consider being part of the education revolution.

April 24, 2017 09:00 AM PDT

Kris Kimel is a believer in and embracer of big, scary, wonderfully dangerous, potentially world-changing ideas. And he lives what he believes in and embraces.

Kris is co-founder and board chairman of Space Tango (SpaceTango.com), a company that “utilizes the unique environment of microgravity to discover, design and commercialize solutions for applications on Earth.”

And, Kris founded in 2000 the IdeaFestival (IdeaFestival.com), now held each year in Louisville, Kentucky. It is a transformative gathering where kindred spirits, bundles of curiosity one and all, from around the globe come together to share and explore the world of big, scary ideas.

Listen in as Kris shares his captivating vision.

April 23, 2017 09:14 AM PDT

There are now, at last official count, 999 million billion gazillion coaches of all sorts, in the U.S. alone.

But what virtues and best practices does the cream of the crop among coaches embody and exemplify?

Jeremy Colb is a stand-out All-Star Cheer and Tumble Coach (see PlatinumCheerStars.com) -- indeed he represents the Platonic ideal among coaches, in my humble opinion.

Jeremy has some universally applicable words of wisdom on the subject that one can only hope that all coaches of all varieties will take heed of.

Listen in.

April 21, 2017 07:09 AM PDT

Amanda Kathryn Roman (AmandaKathrynRoman.com) has some news for you -- you have it within you to radically change your life and become the fearless balanced badass you've always wanted to be in this fretful imbalanced world.

Amanda knows of what she speaks.

Listen in to Amanda's incredible journey of self transformation -- one that continues, and in which she overcomes daunting obstacles and odds to achieve her life ends -- and you'll be inspired to embark on one of your own.

Oh, and happy birthday, Amanda.

April 18, 2017 06:51 AM PDT

America, at its earliest formative stages, was forged by compacts such as the Mayflower Compact that bound people together as they strived to create a bold new form of government.

What kind of compact would we Americans need today to come together as a diverse yet united people, if we're to make our constitutional republic more vibrant and open and inclusive than ever -- at a time, no less, when polarization is all the rage, and efforts to use democratic mechanisms to subvert our democracy are arguably being orchestrated by some even at the highest echelons of power?

Dr. Andrew Seligsohn, a nationally recognized and acclaimed leader in university civic engagement, and President of Campus Compact (compact.org) -- the nation’s largest national organization dedicated to civic engagement in higher education -- shares a most inspiring and compelling vision for what such a compact might look like, not only for universities, their students and community partners, but for Americans as a whole.

Listen in to our latest Socrates Cafe podcast.

April 16, 2017 07:14 AM PDT

What if we the American people returned to our heretical origins? What if we rediscovered and recovered Nature's God -- the Nature's God that was front and center in our Declaration of Independence? What if we engaged again as citizens of our constitutional republic in the way envisioned by our many of our Founders -- a form of engagement based on a belief in Nature's God? How might we then further liberate ourselves, and our society? Matthew Stewart, author of the acclaimed and exquisitely scribed 'Nature's God: The Heretical Origins of the American Republic,' shares his thoughts on the subject. A philosopher, thinker and writer without peer (in my humble opinion), Matthew's body of work deserves to be devoured. Be sure to check out his website at MWStewart.com. But first, listen in.

April 14, 2017 07:47 AM PDT

How can we harness the power of persuasion and dialogue to change the way we interact with one another, and ultimately to make our democracy more vibrant? Anna Kern, a former student of mine who went on to study Health Communication at Emerson College and now is a Senior Communications Associate at Palladian Partners, shares what she's learned. Listen in to her wise words.

April 12, 2017 06:27 AM PDT

In his song "One Particular Harbor," Jimmy Buffett could be describing the classroom of Todd Carstenn, Vanguard High School's teacher extraordinaire -- “a mysterious calling harbor, sheltered from the wind, where the children play, on the shore each day, and all are safe within.”

Safe in a wonderfully edgy and intellectually stimulating way -- one in which, as Todd says, "they can rest in the sand until their next harbor calls," meanwhile "bringing their own sand to the harbor of my classroom."

How do we make sure all our precious children and youth can bring their own sand to the harbors of their learning environs?

Todd, an absolutely beloved teacher in Ocala, FL (who has been putting to good use fo years 'Socrates Cafe' in the international baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge course), shares his decades' worth of insights.

Listen in.

April 10, 2017 07:32 AM PDT

How do we make sure that every human being, no matter the circumstances in which she starts out her life, has the opportunity to fulfill her promise? Adam Braun (AdamBraun.com) is an extraordinary young entrepreneur, father of twins, civic mover and shaker without compare, who is at the forefront of efforts to make ours a world in which all people can live a life in which they realize their potential to the fullest. Founder of Pencils of Promise (PencilsofPromise.org), and most recently of MissionU (MissionU.com) -- a pioneering endeavor that holds great promise of revolutionizing the world of higher education -- not to mention author of runaway bestseller "The Promise of a Pencil) and electrifying public speaker -- Socratizes with me about how we can make sure that all of us live, at every age and stage, a life in which we can put our great promise into excellent practice each and every day.

I had the pleasure of meeting Adam in person years back when we both received the Distinguished American Leadership Award. He gave a captivating talk, and then took part full throttle in the Socrates Cafe I facilitated (I was so honored when he told me he has a copy of my book 'Socrates Cafe' in his office).

Listen in.

April 09, 2017 07:53 AM PDT

Is it possible to interlace young people's learning experiences and educational curricula with a decidedly values-based approach and ethos? And if so, what's the best way -- and the best values to inculcate (and what do we mean by 'values')? Dr Neil Hawkes is a dynamic and engaging person on a mission, wholly committed to inculcating values-based education far and wide. He is the founder in the UK of Values-based Education (www.ValuesBasedEducation.com), and explores with me here his aim of strengthening young people's resilience and well-being, and nurturing the development of good character, deep thinking and altruistic behaviour -- and he shares how young people, in turn, contribute to his own transformative growth. (There was a glitch in our recording, so we continued with a part 2.)

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